Amazing things happening in CX - Part 1

Aug 02, 2021

Last week McDonald’s Manu Steijaert was elevated as chief customer officer(CCO) for the world’s leading restaurant chain. The current Digital Customer Engagement, Global Marketing, Global Restaurant Development, and Restaurant Solutions will now come under the Customer Experience (CX) organization.

Earlier in July, the car manufacturer Volkswagen hired Markus Kleimann as its very first chief experience officer.

So, why is it amazing news?

While CX is becoming a discipline, its place in an organization is still not as clear as marketing, sales, production, and quality, etc. While the CCO roles are increasing, it is unclear how CX leaders and CX functions are structured. I see CX as an independent function in very few companies, with the CCO reporting to the CEO. In the rest, CX is either part of marketing or operations or an extension to the customer support functions.

While implementing CX practices through any of the functions yields positive results, one big challenge is, making the entire organization customer-centric.

If the CX function is part of the CEO's organization, it helps accelerates the company to make it customer-centric. Being part of the CEO organization helps in aligning the CX strategy to the corporate strategy, defining goals and expectations for CX, accountability, relationship and collaboration with function heads which helps in implementation of CX practices across functions, budget for CX, reviews by the CEO and communication of CX results and importance across the organization. All these activities help the employees throughout the organization to know more and more about the customers and their needs and pain points. When the organization engages in solving customer problems, it becomes truly customer-centric.

These are exciting things happening within CX, where CX is getting upmost importance and I am sure we will see companies depending more on CX to serve the customer better.