Amazing things happening in CX - Part 2

Aug 09, 2021

Customer Experience platform giant Qualtrics acquired Clarabridge and Usermind.
The acquisitions clearly show customer experience is becoming much more significant than surveys. Customer experience is about customer understanding and delivering an exceptional experience.

While surveys help understand the customer to some extent, a lot of valuable feedback is frequently lost. Clarabridge acquisition helps plug one such gap by bringing in the capability of understanding the customers based on analysis of unstructured data. Clarabridge brings in text analytics/natural language processing(NLP) capability. The advanced speech analytics capabilities include speaker, speaker volume, length, speed, pause, and interruptions. All this brings in feedback on how we are serving the customers.

Usermind is a journey orchestration platform. Orchestration is connecting channels, creating more individualized experiences, and empowering employees with more data all along the customers' lifecycle. Orchestration helps in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Customer Experience technology is getting consolidated, and we see exciting changes in this ever-evolving customer experience space.