As a customer I was frustrated

Aug 23, 2021

I started my weekend with a laundry list of things to be done to get ready for next week.

I need to buy a laptop, the make and the model is available online, and I went to the website, logged into my account, selected the item, added it to the cart and what happened next is as below.

  1. To verify my identity (even though I logged in with user name and password), a code has been sent to my email, which I never received.
  2. I searched for a contact phone number, which was not available.
  3. There was an online chat that I initiated and typed, "verification code is not received by email."
  4. The chatbot picked up the word only "code" and was asking for a discount code.
  5. There was a live chat option which I then have selected.
  6. I had to wait for 8 minutes for the agent to be available.
  7. The agent came online, and she started to help.
  8. She has put in the order and sent me a link to enter my credit card number (the credit card is from the same company from where I was trying to buy the laptop)
  9. I have entered the credit card details and submitted, not sure why but it triggered a fraud transaction alert and asked me to confirm that I was the person who was doing the transaction.
  10. I was asked to contact a different team to resolve my credit card transaction issue.
  11. I called the phone number given. Fortunately, I was able to contact them immediately.
  12. My credit card issue was resolved.
  13. The online agent was patiently waiting, and she has helped to complete the order.


I have budgeted 15 minutes to complete the order, and it took 2 hours to complete, which left me frustrated, and my Saturday morning was wasted.

See how broken the processes were and the silos. As a customer, I see the company and the process as one entity, but the reality is different. Wondering why such has big company has so broken and siloed digital processes and channels. Are they not allowing their competition to disrupt them?

Have you ever experienced similar stuff? Kindly share your experience.