As a customer I was frustrated – possible improvements

Aug 30, 2021

After the experience I had last week, I was wearing my CX hat and looking for opportunities for improving the process. According to me the main cause for the frustration was “getting stuck during the second step in the authentication process that too just before the purchase”.

I understand the need for two-factor authentication, but why the authentication was triggered “after the item was put into the cart”. Was it not a good idea to shift the authentication to one step earlier, that is, during login into the account which is generally the industry practice? Authentication issues during the login would be less frustrating for me rather than getting stuck just before the purchase.

While I see this as the main cause for my frustration, there are also opportunities for improvement in the other steps which are highlighted in bold below.

  1. To verify my identity (even though I logged in with user name and password), a code has been sent to my email, which I never received. – Main cause for frustration which we discussed above
  2. I searched for a contact phone number, which was not available. –Provide a contact number in the contact us page
  3. There was an online chat that I initiated and typed, "verification code is not received by email.
  4. The chatbot picked up the word only "code" and was asking for a discount code. - add verification code or authentication in the knowledge articles
  5. There was a live chat option which I then have selected.
  6. I had to wait for 8 minutes for the agent to be available. – Reduce wait time
  7. The agent came online, and she started to help.
  8. She has put in the order and sent me a link to enter my credit card number (the credit card is from the same company from where I was trying to buy the laptop)
  9. I have entered the credit card details and submitted, not sure why but it triggered a fraud transaction alert and asked me to confirm that I was the person who was doing the transaction. – My second cause for frustration. Do proper testing and eliminate this step
  10. I was asked to contact a different team to resolve my credit card transaction issue. - Multiple teams, why can't the same person help this as well?
  11. I called the phone number given. Fortunately, I was able to contact them immediately.
  12. My credit card issue was resolved.
  13. The online agent was patiently waiting, and she has helped to complete the order.