Build Relationships for delivering a better Customer Experience

Jun 27, 2021

I recently facilitated a postmortem meeting for a customer experience incident and wanted to share the importance of relationship-building in driving customer experience improvements.

Postmortem meetings or conducted to identify the root cause for the incident, and different teams from the organization brainstorm and help identify the root cause and formulate an action plan to eliminate the cause.

While various tools are available to identify the root cause, I frequently use the five why method because of its simplicity and effectiveness. A detailed action plan is derived by identifying the action items and assigning responsibilities to appropriate teams.

If we observe closely, while you have data and tools to help solve the problem, what matters is, people from different functions like customer support, operations, design, marketing, etc., come together to help solve the problem.

It is essential to build a healthy working relationship with all these functions responsible for CX as a facilitator.  A healthy working relationship creates a great environment of collaboration, cooperation, and trust.

Tips for building a relationship:

  • Keep meeting people informally over coffee or lunch and develop an interpersonal relationship.


  • Engage them in the process definition. Wherever they have a role in any process, engage them while defining the process and take their inputs.


  • Help them. Remember, each function has its own expertise, and CX may not be their primary skill. Educate them in CX, provide help in data analysis, and prioritize improvement tasks for them.


  • Appreciate good work. While we may have a few improvement areas, there are many areas where the team excels and always appreciate the good work, motivating them and providing visibility.


  • Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Develop trust by honoring commitments, being honest, and be consistent in actions and communication.


Finally, it is the people who solve the problems for customers. So, build healthy relationships, which helps in delivering exceptional experiences for the customers.