Comfort feeling

Sep 06, 2021

The more the customer is comfortable with us better the customer experience.

In the CX space, there are many metrics which we use and categorize as leading and lagging metrics. These metrics are essential to keep the customer happy and the business on track.

But it is the customer's comfort feeling with us that does the trick.

So, what is the comfort feeling, and how to measure it? While I don't have the formula to measure it, what I have experienced over the years is that the customer's trust and confidence make them more comfortable to partner with us.

Trust is achieved gradually by being true to our words, being consistent with our actions, effective communication, open participation in team settings, being honest, and customer empathy.

Confidence is achieved by good at our skills in providing the product or service to the customer. More the skills, more the customer confidence.

If the customer trusts us and is confident in our skills, customers will be more comfortable dealing with us. This is where the customer relationship becomes a partnership.

Are your customers comfortable with you?