Customer Engagement 2

Sep 20, 2021

This week, let us look into the customer engagement practices that are adopted in the Consideration phase.

Consideration is when the customer evaluates the options for products or services that can serve their purpose. In this phase, the customer is not yet ready for the purchase but wants to narrow down to the best option that will best serve his/her need. The company’s goal is to entice the customer to consider your goods or services as an option.

In B2B scenarios, meetings with customers along with multiple function representatives of the company is the best, according to our experience. Providing product demos along with product design teams, operations, and support teams would provide the customer with god amount of information about the product or service. The marketing teams facilitate these meetings. The meetings help the customer get answers to most of their questions and help make a purchase decision.

Traditionally, only the sales and marketing teams do the heavy lifting with customer engagement during the pre-purchase phases. But engaging other teams provide an opportunity for the customer to understand the processes used to build and support the product.

In B2C scenarios, content once again plays an important role. Content, such as comparison charts, demonstrations, case studies, and product guides, can help boost engagement during this phase. Taking the example of a customer trying to buy a television, video content, or visual guide showing your televisions in action and explaining special features can push the customer to take a closer look.