Customer Engagement 3

Sep 27, 2021

This week, let us look into the customer engagement practices that are adopted in the Purchase phase. During the previous phase that is the consideration phase, the customer has narrowed down the options and decided to purchase a particular brand.

In the purchase phase, the perspective customer transforms into a paying customer. The company’s goal in the purchase phase is to make the process easy and unambiguous for the customer.

In B2B scenarios, the relationship managers should engage with the customers and provide all the information needed to make the purchase process easy. Information on statement of work, invoicing, product/service support process makes it easy for the customer to make the purchase easy. Engaging the company’s operations teams in explaining the processes gives the required comfort feeling for the customer.

In B2C scenarios, the engagement particularly in the digital world is bit tricky. The company should provide as much information in an easy to interpret way for the customer to complete the customer. Self help and proactive support processes are very handy. Engaging the customer by supporting through bots, online chats and a quick call helps the customer to complete the purchase.