Customer Engagement 4

Oct 04, 2021

This week, let us look into the customer engagement practices that are adopted in the Retention phase. During the previous phase, the Purchase phase, we discussed the engagement practices required to transform the prospective customer into a paying customer.

In the retention phase, the customer starts using the products and services. In the retention phase, the company’s goal is to provide maximum value to the customer from the products and services. The value is delivered by providing a better understanding of the product or service, resolving any issues, warranty and taking feedback, and implementing improvement actions.

In B2B scenarios, customer success teams play a crucial role in partnering with the customer to deliver the value mentioned above. The engagement of the customer success teams is becoming more significant day by day across the industries. The customer success team becomes the channel between the customer and the company and takes accountability to deliver value.

In B2C scenarios, customer support plays a vital role. If it is a product help, issue, or warranty, the customer support team should provide the required help to the customer on time. Sometimes things go wrong but, customers are good to excuse, provided the assistance is provided promptly.