Customer Engagement 5

Oct 11, 2021

This week, let us look into the customer engagement practices that are adopted in the Advocacy phase. During the previous phase that is the Retention phase, we have discussed the engagement practices required to provide maximum value to the customer through our products and services.

Customer advocacy is the phase where the customers become the company’s fans and they sell products or services for the company. They do this by sharing their excellent experiences with world by providing references, word of mouth and customer reviews etc.

Making customers into advocates will not happen overnight. If we are able to delight the customers in all the four earlier phases in the customer journey, we stand a better chance of converting the customers into advocates provided we have a plan to engage with them post sale.

After the retention phase, once the customer is comfortable with the product or the service, the interaction with the company reduces. During this phase it is quite common that the company loses potential advocates if the customers are not engaged well. There are several ways to keep the customers engaged and turn then into advocates. Co-creation with customers is one such engagement strategy where we invite customers to participate in design sessions for the future products. The customers partner with the company in creating products and the customer relationship becomes partnership.

Effective loyalty programs is another strategy where marketing team engages with the customers and offer multiple plans to keep them engaged with the company.