CX challenges from the Advisory committee meeting

Oct 18, 2021

I serve as a CX advisory for a university in the US, and we had our committee meeting last Friday.

The committee comprises senior leaders from different industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government Agencies, Real Estate, academics, Robotics, and IT.

The discussion mainly focused on the relevance of CX in the industry and the challenges faced by each one of them in implementing CX.

Coming to the relevance of CX, every member has emphasized the importance of CX in their industry and shared a few best practices on CX implementation in their industries.

On the challenges front, which I am more interested in, we formed teams of 5, discussed challenges faced by each member, and consolidated them all in one place using the Miro whiteboarding tool.

The main challenges we discussed were:

  • Engagement of the entire organization in CX to drive revenue growth
  • CX culture, mainly when global teams are involved
  • Taking CX beyond surveys
  • Implementing CX in government agencies where there is a shortage of funds and resources
  • Implementing CX in highly regulated industries like healthcare
  • Drive CX in remote work environments

Very interesting, right?

May I know the challenges you see in implementing CX?