Got the customer feedback survey results? It is time to close the feedback loop

May 02, 2021

Recently I was talking to a customer about my product and asked for feedback. He gave good overall feedback and a suggestion. What made him happier was when I explained how his suggestion was implemented and asked him to validate.

Closing the loop with the customer makes them fans of our products or services.

So, what is a customer feedback loop?

A customer feedback loop is a continuous process of improving a product or a service based on customer feedback. What makes the process complete is, communicating and validating the improvement with the customer.

How does it work?

In its simplest form, a customer feedback loop is a 3 step process as given here.

Gather Customer Feedback

The first step in the process is to gather feedback through structured and unstructured sources. Structured feedback is from Surveys, focus groups, customer interviews, etc. Unstructured feedback is from Social Media, blogs, emails from customers, and data from websites, etc.

Analyze Feedback and Identify Improvements

From the structured and unstructured feedback, we have a lot of data. Analyze the feedback using data analysis methods varying from simple to advanced statistical tools as appropriate based on the data. For any issues observed, identify the root cause. Derive improvement actions that are required to fix the cause for the issue.

What is key here is to share the findings, improvement actions with the customers. Take suggestions from the customers as well before implementing the solutions and provide a timeline for implementation.

Implement Improvement Actions

Implement the improvement actions derived from the previous step and test them for effectiveness. As part of improvement actions, changes to the processes and workflows are incorporated. Update the processes and train the employees on the changes implemented.

Update customers post-implementation on what has changed and how the change would help them. Validate with the customer on the effectiveness of the change when we capture the feedback in the next cycle.

A customer feedback loop is a continuous process. We identify issues, improve processes, validate the improvements, which continue.

Benefits of customer feedback loop

Customer Confidence

Quite often, I observe companies do not get back to the customer after receiving the feedback. But by implementing customer feedback loops, we engage the customer in the process, which helps improve survey response and customer confidence in the company.


Closing customer feedback loops improve customer processes and ultimately improve customer experience. Continuous improvement in customer experience helps in developing customer loyalty.


Customer loyalty and the enhanced engagement helps in the co-creation of the processes by the customer and the company.


Customer feedback loops are there for years, but consistent and effective implementation is the key.

The customer feedback process should never end without taking action and getting back to the customer.