Organizational Process Definition

Jul 19, 2021

A couple of weeks back, I saw a question in one of the CX forums from a Sr. CX Manager from a top-tier social media company. The question asked was, “How to start with customer surveys?” There is nothing wrong with the question. Someone was given the CX responsibility for a minor feature of a vast product. She is new to CX and asked a very valid question.

But what surprised me was, I know a few folks from the same company who are implementing advanced CX practices. So, where is the gap? Then I recalled a CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration) requirement at level 3, which is “Organizational Process Definition(OPD)”. In brief, OPD is a requirement where an organization should have a standard process at the organizational level, and this process is tailored by the functions which use it based on their need. An organizational-level process is derived from the best practices and lessons learned by all the functions. Once we have a process at the organizational level, guidelines are given on using the process by a beginner or an advanced user.

So coming back, in this case, what I see missed was not only an OPD but also awareness of the available processes within the organization.

Do you have organizational-level CX processes in your company? If not, it is time to get started.