Preparing for Holiday Online Sales

Dec 20, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 is over and here is the online spending for the three important dates for businesses.

  •         Thanksgiving day - $5.1 billion
  •         Black Friday - $8.9 billion
  •         Cyber Monday - $10.7 billion

Just for 3 days in November businesses made about $25 billion on online sales.

So, how to prepare to provide a great CX in this scenario? Here are few tips;

  •         Set Customer Expectations by letting them know about your availability
  •         Get extra hands by outsourcing
  •         Train the new hires
  •         Adopt a separate helpdesk
  •         Add self-service options
  •         Increase the capacity of the IT stack and test it and
  •         Most important is to boost the morale of the customer support team