Simple CX Recognition Systems

Jul 10, 2021

Last week we were sitting in a weekly meeting on customer experience (CX) performance. While the meeting was going on, the CX team lead stood up and presented a small gift and on-the-spot appreciation to a team member.

It was a weekly meeting of 30 minutes to discuss highlights and low lights for the previous week and identify any improvement actions. During the meeting, one of the highlights was an appreciation from the customer to one of the CX team members. The customer has sent a detailed note of his problem, how quickly the team member responded and shown the sense of urgency and empathy, the resolution provided, and the team member's knowledge on why the problem has occurred and how to avoid it in the future.


This was a remarkable instance of demonstrating ownership and customer-centric behavior. The team lead utilized the opportunity to recognize the team member with a small gift and a letter of appreciation.


Generally, CX appreciation and awards happen at more formal forums and once in six months or one year. The criteria for these awards are much stringent, like improvement in NPS, business growth, cost savings, innovation, etc. While these awards and appreciation are excellent, many accomplishments happen daily at various parts of the organization. Identify them and recognize them immediately. These small recognitions are equally effective in motivating the team and making the organization customer-centric.


So, do not miss out on small recognitions, which go a long way in delivering exceptional experiences to the customers.