Website Exit Surveys

Dec 06, 2021

It is holiday time here in the US, and I was doing some online shopping for the family. There were so many brand recommendations on the internet, and I visited a brand website that I had never visited or made a purchase.

I spent a few minutes on the site and decided to move away to another site as I did not find anything interesting for my family. This was when the website exit survey popped up, and the CX person in me took over😊.

I was surprised by the poor design of the survey questions on the website exit survey. They kept the survey simple with just two questions, which is good. But the two questions do not connect well with each other at all.

Let us look at the questions.

  1. How likely are you to recommend the company ABC to a friend or a family member?
  2. What is the primary reason for not making any purchase

The first question was a simple NPS question as we all know, but how can a first-time visitor, without experiencing the journey end to end, recommend the company to a family or friend? Was this question relevant at that juncture? Absolutely no. Another reason the question was more irrelevant was because of the second question. The company knew I did not make any purchase, and on what basis can I recommend the company?

This is where a proper survey design comes into the picture. The second question was very relevant, and they would instead have asked a follow-up question on improvement suggestions from me to increase the probability of the purchase.