Our story is simple – To make customer experience Easy to Learn, Easy to Implement, and Affordable. We are committed to making you a customer experience professional.

Easy to Learn

As Customer Experience has turned into a discipline, mastery in many skills is needed to become a champion. Our team is making this journey easy for you. We have broken down the complex competencies into topics, micro-lessons, real-world examples, quizzes, assignments, which ensures the knowledge is acquired step by step and tested at all the levels within and after the course. The course will be made available on a world-class learning platform, enabling the students and the instructor to track the progress, motivate, and help complete the course successfully.

Easy to Implement

Practical implementation of learning is essential to deepen the expertise and to improve the processes in real-world scenarios. Our course provides examples of how customer experience is implemented and provides assignments for the students to apply. An interactive platform is given to students to discuss topics, collaborate, and learn from each other.


Making quality learning affordable is our motto. Customer Experience is a new discipline that consists of various modern skills. At present, there are not sufficient quality online programs offered by experts (CCXPs). The current industry price of a comprehensive CX program is significantly high. Our research observed that the high cost might lead to slow adoption of an outstanding discipline, which may have adverse effects on industry and individuals' growth. Our content and creative teams are working relentlessly to bring world-class Customer Experience learning at an affordable price.

Learn from Krishna, CCXP

Krishna has rich experience working closely with global clients for over two decades. He is passionate about customer experience and is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), Advanced Design Thinker, NPS Expert, Customer Experience Product Expert, and a Six Sigma Black Belt. His mission is to make Customer Experience learning easy.